Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am a Child of God --Verse 4

"His promises are sure"
Why a diamond ring, you ask?? Because a wedding ring symbolizes a promise perfectly, but I also thought it would be fun to have all the kids link pinky fingers together with the person next to them and talk about promises.

 I found the huge ring (above) at the dollar store, but a ring pop, or any regular ring would work too. I thought it would be a fun object to play hide/seek or hot/cold while we are repeating the verse, over and over... :)

I loved an idea found  HERE! Thank you for sharing Primary Notes 29!
After we have become comfortable with all the verses, a great way to remember each verse is to point to yourself;

Verse 1: Point to yourself (I am a child of God)
Verse 2: Point to knees   (sounds like "NEEDS")
Verse 3: Point to pockets (--where you keep your wallet, "RICH" blessings )
Verse 4: Point to ring finger ("Promises")

So, while we're pointing to ourselves and our parts, Mr. Potatohead and all his parts come to mind, lol....

Each body part represents a song!

Hat: HEAD, shoulders, knees and toes
Eyes: Popcorn popping (I LOOKED out the window...)
Nose: Rain is falling all around (...Rain is falling on my NOSE)
Ear 1: The Dearest Names (LISTEN, I'll whisper the name to you...)
Ear 2: Do as Im doing (wiggle ears)
Mouth: Smiles, Love os Spoken here or Jesus Said Love Everyone 
Arm 1: Book of Mormon Stories (Or any arm movement song)
Arm 2: Daddy Comes home (Put my ARMS around his neck)
Feet: Teach me to walk, Stand for the Right, Follow the Prophet

And then, it would be a fun change to bring it to the nursery and let all the kids pick a body part and sing songs with them as well! 

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  1. um, the potato head idea is GENIUS!!!!! I'm totally going to use that! Thank you!