Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am a Child of God --Verse 4

"His promises are sure"
Why a diamond ring, you ask?? Because a wedding ring symbolizes a promise perfectly, but I also thought it would be fun to have all the kids link pinky fingers together with the person next to them and talk about promises.

 I found the huge ring (above) at the dollar store, but a ring pop, or any regular ring would work too. I thought it would be a fun object to play hide/seek or hot/cold while we are repeating the verse, over and over... :)

I loved an idea found  HERE! Thank you for sharing Primary Notes 29!
After we have become comfortable with all the verses, a great way to remember each verse is to point to yourself;

Verse 1: Point to yourself (I am a child of God)
Verse 2: Point to knees   (sounds like "NEEDS")
Verse 3: Point to pockets (--where you keep your wallet, "RICH" blessings )
Verse 4: Point to ring finger ("Promises")

So, while we're pointing to ourselves and our parts, Mr. Potatohead and all his parts come to mind, lol....

Each body part represents a song!

Hat: HEAD, shoulders, knees and toes
Eyes: Popcorn popping (I LOOKED out the window...)
Nose: Rain is falling all around (...Rain is falling on my NOSE)
Ear 1: The Dearest Names (LISTEN, I'll whisper the name to you...)
Ear 2: Do as Im doing (wiggle ears)
Mouth: Smiles, Love os Spoken here or Jesus Said Love Everyone 
Arm 1: Book of Mormon Stories (Or any arm movement song)
Arm 2: Daddy Comes home (Put my ARMS around his neck)
Feet: Teach me to walk, Stand for the Right, Follow the Prophet

And then, it would be a fun change to bring it to the nursery and let all the kids pick a body part and sing songs with them as well! 


  1. um, the potato head idea is GENIUS!!!!! I'm totally going to use that! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for your ideas. I love that the activities are built around the message. Thank you thank you thank you