Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Am a Child of God --Verse 2

 "I am a child of God" Verse 2

I love this flip chart found HERE to help teach verse 2.
I loved the simplicity of it! Thank you, Mandy Ferris for sharing it on Sugardoodle. :)

Im definitely using it for that first part, but I decided to make our own flip chart for the next sentence, "help me to understand his words". I will tape pictures under a few random chairs that show how we can learn his words through:

Personal Priesthood Blessings
The Commandments
Answers to prayers

Ill invite those children who found the pictures to bring them up, show them off and attach them to a blank flip chart for that sentence...

After singing the whole verse through a few times...

The rest of the songs for the day will, again, focus on "help me to understand his words"...
(What can I say, thats my favorite part!) 

Of course, Im throwing the whole verse two of "I am a child of God'' into the rotation several times as well, :), but here are some great familiar songs about "HIS WORDS"...

Book of Mormon Stories
The Golden Plates
Follow the Prophet
I want to Live the Gospel
Search, Ponder and Pray
Nephi's Courage
Come, Follow me
Keep the Commandments
We'll Bring the World His Truth

I'm going to tape the songs to the bottom of these foam footprints (that I found at the $1 store)...

Lay them out in a circle and have the pianist play the chorus of I am a child of God, as one child at a time, follows the footprints, like musical chairs, when the song abruptly ends, we'll see what footprint they are on, take that footprint out of rotation and sing that song!