Friday, January 4, 2013


I heard a fun idea on on the LDS Primary Choristers facebook page that I have to pass along...

Thank you, Ashlie for sharing it. She said, "We do a birthday drum. They get to drum, while we count, how old they are turning. (It's an oatmeal or formula can wrapped in birthday wrapping paper.)"

I LOVED that idea and decided to make my own!  You can too!!
This one is Christmas tin can (on clearance right now at Walmart for a few cents :) I I covered the Christmas part on the front with birthday wrapping paper and mod podged it on.
Then, I made little drumsticks out of pencils with tissue paper wrapped with masking tape.
 It sounds like an awesome drum and I know the kids are going to love drumming how old they are turning!  


  1. Hey! That's ME! Ashlie! Your birthday drum looks great! :D

    I'm here -

    1. Thanks! It was such a cute idea! ANd thanks for sharing your blog! I'll be tuning in! :)