Saturday, January 19, 2013


This Sunday we're learning verse three of I am a Child of God, I already posted ideas below for this verse, but decided to change it up a little bit...
BUT really this game can be used for any song, any Sunday... 

 I was going to use the idea from Sunbeams Singing blog HERE. Well, instead of printing up action cards (we all know how precious INK can be in this calling) I decided to do a bean bag toss, I happen to have this fabric strip with colored patches already on hand, but even different colored construction paper lined up would work great! Toss the bean bag and whatever color we land on is the song we sing...

I threw in the songs, Do as Im doing-with specific actions and Fun to Do, but changing the first words to specific things to match the verse 3 theme "living with him once more..." (I hope that makes sense?? :)

But really, ANY songs, ANY theme would work!
THEN, If you're in nursery, like me...

Let the kids toss the bag on a color before you sing the song, I actually went as far as to pick sings that remind me of each color (I know, Im ridiculous)...

White: Once there was a Snowman

Black: Book of Mormon Stories (my scriptures are black, lol)

Brown:  The GOLDEN plates, Away in a Manger

Purple: Little Purple Pansies/When I am baptized(rainbows) /Fun to Do---fill in with purple words, ex. "picking purple flowers is fun to do"... :)

Blue: Give Said the Little Stream/ Rain is Falling All Around

Green: In the Leafy Treetops

Yellow: Popcorn Popping/ I am like a Star

Orange: SMILES, If you're happy and you know it

Red: LOVE one Another

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  1. I'm subbing this Sunday and wanted to do something fun (they are between choristers for one week) to break things up. This is great. Thanks! :)