Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Church of Jesus Christ ~Week 3

I am going to bring pictures of a few of the things that make our church special and different than any other church on earth!

(And then let the kids pick a picture and sing the song that goes with it....)

A living Prophet: Latter-day Prophets

The Book of Mormon: Book of Mormon Stories

Temples: I love to see the Temple

Sealed for ETERNITY: Families can be together forever

The Priesthood: The Priesthood is restored

There is so much more:  tithing, baptism, our missionaries, the Holy Ghost...

I am so grateful to be apart of this divine gospel.We are truly blessed to have the fullness of the gospel in these latter days!

The Church Of Jesus Christ~ Week Two

 I found a visuals I LOVE here at:

This week, I will be using the images and words and displaying them side by side like the picture above, BUT the words will be showing and in order and the images will be scrambled and turned around! The kids will come and pick a random (backwords) picture and place it top of the keyword it belongs too!
The kids knew it really well last week, so by the time we're all finished, all the words will be covered and we can sing it through with just the pictures! piece of cake! : )

Ill be using the same pictures for the remaining time to sing other songs,

From the top image down ( the images work well with): 
I hope they call me on a mission,
Do as Im Doing,
Teach me to walk in the light or I am like a star, 
If the Savior Stood Beside Me 
To Think about Jesus,
When I am Baptized,
The Church of Jesus Christ
I am a child of God, 
Families can Be together Forever

The Church Of Jesus Christ

I hope everyone enjoyed conference and feels refreshed as we start a new month! 
We all got to pick our song this month and my Primary President felt inspired to chose, "The Church Of Jesus Christ"! Im excited....

To introduce this song, I am going to ask the children to tell me the FULL name of our church! Im sure they are smarties and will already know :) ...then I will ask who named our church? 

At the bottom of the song in the Primary Songbook, the scripture is D&C115:4, I will read the scripture that shows that our Savior himself named our church and how special that is!

Have a child come up and get traced on to a piece of butcher paper or posterboard. Tell the children that this image represents us, a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! As you go through (or review) each line of the song, the keywords can be written near each body part! The two "I know"s will be by the brain. "I'll follow" by one foot, "I believe" the heart, "I'll honor" by the heart as well, "I'll do" a hand, "I'll follow" the other foot, "I will proclaim" by the mouth!!! 

 Im excited to hear the sweet children sing the words of this powerful song!
p.s. Ill post pictures when our "outline's" are done!