Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Church Of Jesus Christ~ Week Two

 I found a visuals I LOVE here at:

This week, I will be using the images and words and displaying them side by side like the picture above, BUT the words will be showing and in order and the images will be scrambled and turned around! The kids will come and pick a random (backwords) picture and place it top of the keyword it belongs too!
The kids knew it really well last week, so by the time we're all finished, all the words will be covered and we can sing it through with just the pictures! piece of cake! : )

Ill be using the same pictures for the remaining time to sing other songs,

From the top image down ( the images work well with): 
I hope they call me on a mission,
Do as Im Doing,
Teach me to walk in the light or I am like a star, 
If the Savior Stood Beside Me 
To Think about Jesus,
When I am Baptized,
The Church of Jesus Christ
I am a child of God, 
Families can Be together Forever

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