Sunday, December 30, 2012

"I Am A Child Of God" Verse 1 and the Chorus

I LOVE the 2013 theme, I AM A CHILD OF GOD.

I'm excited to introduce the song this Sunday...

This is a brand new calling for me and it will be my first Sunday as a chorister, but whether you're new or old, I think its a great time to "Get to know each other"! 
So, I was going to quickly introduce myself (My fav primary song, a picture of my family, that kind of stuff) and have the pianist introduce himself as well.

Since I especially want to get to know the children, I am going to ask them questions and have them stand up if it's something that applies to them, for instance, who has their own bedroom? Who has a baby brother or sister? Who's favorite color is red? Who has brown eyes? Who loves french fries? Who has been on an airplane? etc... this way, we're all getting to know each other, but also we get to see how different and unique we all are! Perfect for this years theme!

I'll have the pianist play the 1st verse of "I am a child of god" and ask the kids to stand up if they know what the song is called and what we all have in common. :)

I found these great cut outs on sugardoodle, here, I put them on Popsicle sticks and Im going to mix them up, so the kids can put them in their right order. 

This 1st verse is all about home and family, so I want the kids to show on their fingers how many people are in their family when we get to that part! :) (Since were getting to know each other and all ;). 

After singing verse 1 and the chorus a few times, were going to spend the rest of the time singing songs about US! Songs like:

  • I hope they call me on a ission
  • I'm trying to be like Jesus
  • I lived in Heaven
  • I am like a Star
  • Jesus once was a little child
  • We are different
  • Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
  • The Church of Jesus Christ
  • I Am a Child of God

The songs are going to be written inside these different color socks, why socks you ask? haha, because "lead, me guide me, walk beside me" has been on my mind, so naturally, I thought of FEET! :) I may leave them on this board, but I think taping them underneath chairs would be fun too....

I am going to have the new sunbeams come up and use props the nursery's props for a few of the songs, like, these sunbeam necklaces for "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"... 

                               ....and these foam stars (from the $1 store glued onto popsicle sticks)  for "I am like a star".

Props are fun, but mostly, I just want everyone to see the cute *new* Sunbeams faces on their first day of Primary!  

For the other few songs, if there is still time, I thought the children could hide the socks and play hot/cold?? Not too original, but hey. :) 

HAPPY 1st SUNDAY of the YEAR everybody! Enjoy it!!