Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EASTER ~ Eggs in the "BASKET"

The Easter Wheels in my head have been turning!

 I really liked my GOLDEN EGG~ hot potato game (posted below), but I decided to come up with something else... Im a woman who loves options. :)

Im going to write "JACK RABBITS" vs. "COTTONTAILS" on the board aka boys vs. girls (thank you Sugardoodle, for that fun alternative).
I'll have Plastic eggs filled with songs all about he savior inside and two additional empty baskets on the floor.  Ill pick one boy and one girl to come up and pick an egg, stand behind a designated line and whoever can get their egg into their own "Basket" first gets a point for their team, and also gets to open their egg and thats the song we'll sing!

I was super excited to have these smaller baskets on hand... the perfect size to make it "EGG-STRA" challenging. :)

Hope you all have a very sweet Easter Sunday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

EASTER ~Hot/Cold Golden Egg Hunt~

Easter Sunday is my FAVORITE Sunday!

I wanted to do something fun.

So, we are going to play the "GOLDEN EGG"!

I have a huge Primary, so I'm making about a dozen paper eggs out of card stock (if my Primary was small enough, it would be fun to make one for each child), and then 1 Golden Egg, also bring a plastic egg to pass around, like a hot potato.

Give the eggs out and ask the children to quietly SIT on their egg, ask the pianist to play a song and have the kids pass the plastic egg around, when the music stops, the child holding the egg gets to go out and come back in to search for the GOLDEN EGG!

The golden egg also gets sat on, while the child is out or blindfolded (whatever works better for you) ask a child to sit on the egg and sing Primary Songs while the child searches.... extra quietly when they are far, and louder when they are near, you know how that goes. :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If the Savior Stood Beside Me ~Verse 2

If the Savior Stood Beside Me ~Verse 2

"If the Savior Stood beside me would I say the things I say?"

Im going to pull out several different pictures of lips and talk about WORDS and how important it is to say kind things. As we learn each line of the 2nd verse, a child can come up and pick a mouth, we will then sing the line we just learned according the style on the back of the mouth chosen:

Boys Only
Girls Only
Sing with your mouth closed! (HUM)
Im even including Opposites~


 and letting them chose which opposite way they want to sing....

After singing the song a few times through, the rest of the time (Hopefully at least 10 mins),
I decided to come up with wordstrips of questions for a little game of true/false??

Have a child pick a word strip and guess if the question is true or false and then the sing the song it matches.


The Wise man built his house upon the sand? (Wise man/ Foolish man)
I believe in being honest? (I believe in being honest)
I looked out the window and saw a watermelon tree? (Popcorn popping)

You can make this work with ANY song you want to sing!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If the Savior Stood Beside Me

Ive been out of town for 10 whole days!!!  So, sadly, that means Ive missed 2 Sundays in a row!!   I wasnt there to introduce the new Song at the beginning of the Month! So even though many of you have already learned a verse or two by now... here is my plan (just in case any of you still need ideas :)

I loved the idea, I saw floating around, of using a blindfold and having a child come up to the front. Ask the child, Where Am I?: They would see you and say; "right there"
Then blindfold them and ask "Now where am I?": Hopefully, using your voice they would be able to point in your direction.
And finally,
Stand right next to them and have a teacher ask the child where you are: They should be able to feel you right next them, and know that you are right there.

Ask the child, if they would act differently if I was right next to them all day. Ask them if they would act differently if the Savior was standing right next to them all day long....
Explain that we should live our lives like the Savior is always right next to us and that the song we are about to learn is all about that!

Have the Pianist play it through and try not to cry (ok, maybe thats just me)...

While going through each line, place footprints in a line and have a child come up and stand "beside"
which footprint they want to pick. 
Each foot print will have a fun way to sing the sing:

*On your tippytoes
*On top of your chairs
*With your legs folded
*Standing extra close to the person next to you
*Sing, only, if youre wearing black shoes
*Sing so quiet only the person beside you can hear you sing