Friday, March 22, 2013

EASTER ~Hot/Cold Golden Egg Hunt~

Easter Sunday is my FAVORITE Sunday!

I wanted to do something fun.

So, we are going to play the "GOLDEN EGG"!

I have a huge Primary, so I'm making about a dozen paper eggs out of card stock (if my Primary was small enough, it would be fun to make one for each child), and then 1 Golden Egg, also bring a plastic egg to pass around, like a hot potato.

Give the eggs out and ask the children to quietly SIT on their egg, ask the pianist to play a song and have the kids pass the plastic egg around, when the music stops, the child holding the egg gets to go out and come back in to search for the GOLDEN EGG!

The golden egg also gets sat on, while the child is out or blindfolded (whatever works better for you) ask a child to sit on the egg and sing Primary Songs while the child searches.... extra quietly when they are far, and louder when they are near, you know how that goes. :)



  1. This is cute, but what are the kids doing sitting on eggs? Does that play into the game somehow?

    1. Amy! Sorry, that wasn't very clear! :) The golden egg is going to be hidden underneath the children too, so the colorful eggs are decoys. You could even just hide them, if sitting on them seems complicated or rowdy. :)