Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EASTER ~ Eggs in the "BASKET"

The Easter Wheels in my head have been turning!

 I really liked my GOLDEN EGG~ hot potato game (posted below), but I decided to come up with something else... Im a woman who loves options. :)

Im going to write "JACK RABBITS" vs. "COTTONTAILS" on the board aka boys vs. girls (thank you Sugardoodle, for that fun alternative).
I'll have Plastic eggs filled with songs all about he savior inside and two additional empty baskets on the floor.  Ill pick one boy and one girl to come up and pick an egg, stand behind a designated line and whoever can get their egg into their own "Basket" first gets a point for their team, and also gets to open their egg and thats the song we'll sing!

I was super excited to have these smaller baskets on hand... the perfect size to make it "EGG-STRA" challenging. :)

Hope you all have a very sweet Easter Sunday!

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