Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am a Child of God--Verse 3

"I am a child of God, RICH BLESSINGS are in store"...

Just like the Primary kids, when I hear the word "RICH" I'm sure we think of treasure!! 
SO, I thought it would be cute to have a picture of a treasure box and talk about "real" riches and blessings... 
We'll fill it up with images of life's RICH blessings:

Answers to Prayers

(I just found clip art on the internet)

This would also be a great week to give a back ground history of the song, if you haven't yet (like, me). Years after the song was written, the words were changed from "all that I must KNOW" to "all that I must DO'' so, the rest of the time, we are going to sing songs about what we need to "DO" to 
"Live with Him once more"...

I loved this idea from Sunbeam Singing
We'll sing “Do as Im Doing”, but the actions will all be things that can lead us back to heaven-- praying, reading our scriptures, taking the sacrament, picking up toys, listening to prophet (EARS), Being nice (HUGS). 
She has cute cards that you can even print off! 

Songs about living with him---
Teach me to walk 177
I lived in heaven  4
I will follow gods plan for me 164
A Childs Prayer 12


  1. I'm so glad you like my Do As I'm Doing idea! I like that you'll be teaching what 'rich blessings' really means!

    1. My primary kids LOVE your Do As I'm Doing idea. We've done it twice now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog last Sat. while I was trying to come up with what to do for music time on Sunday. I LOVE your ideas! I'm totally copying you with the wiggle worm jar and the nursery box. And I also did your treasure box with the Jr. Primary. They LOVED it!! Thanks for sharing your ideas & letting me steal them! ;)