Friday, May 17, 2013

We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet

Im so sad to hear about the passing of our sweet Sister Monson today. Ive been learning so much about our dear Prophets life this week in preparation for  Singing time Sunday and BOY, she is his sweetheart! what a wonderful woman!

My thoughts and prayers are with him!

This Sunday we are going to learn all about our Prophet!

Sugardoodle made this easy for me! Thank you! Go HERE and you can click the open game card link to read great stories or see a timeline of important days in his life.

As we learn about his life, we are going to sing songs that correlate! 

I cant take credit for this idea....
Ive had a crazy week myself with an unexpected family death, so I was grateful to run across THIS BLOG
Here a few of her AMAZING ideas: 

President Monson loves birds: In the Leafy Treetops 240
President Monson loves books and learning: Search, Ponder, and Pray 109
Kindness towards others/boy who lost mother: I'll Walk with You 140
Rescued a girl in the river: Give, Said the Little Stream 236
Story of meeting his future father-in-law and learning his relative had helped bring his future wife's family the gospel.  He also served a mission in Canada with his family: I Want to Be a Missionary Now
Sending his wife dried flowers while in the navy: My Heavenly Father Loves Me 228 v. 1
Marriage to Frances Monson: I Love to See the Temple 95
Grandfather giving a house to a man in need; mother feeding the hungry: Jesus said love everyone 61
Family time: Families can be Together Forever 188

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