Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Heavenly Father Loves Me -Verse 2

"My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
verse 2
My "WORLD" to helped teach the first verse turned out really cute.... (except for that bubble of packaging tape "laminate"). 
I am excited to use it again for the second verse!

After we learn the second verse, with the time remaining,  I decided to focus on the the first line, "He gave me my eyes that I might see".... so, I came up with a basket full of "glasses"! Each set of glasses will be assigned a song either about our eyes or with the "I" in the title.... 

I think it will be fun if they stay up in the front and wear the glasses to help me lead the song!

Here are a few:

"I" am a child of God

"I" feel my Saviors Love

Popcorn Popping
(obviously, hehe)

"I" Love to "see" the Temple

"I" often go Walking

"I" am like a Star

When "I" am Baptized

"I" Hope they call me on a Mission

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


"I" lived in Heaven

"I" Know my Father Lives

"I" Like my Birthdays

"I" believe in being Honest


  1. Stacey, I just wanted to tell you that I took your suggestion to play "spin the bottle" with LOVE songs, last week for Valentine's Sunday. It was such a cute idea! The sad thing though, is I didn't get to be there. I had a substitute step in for me so I could leave after Sacrament meeting and feed everyone after Kevin's homecoming talk! She said that all went well, which made me happy. But I wanted more feedback! Ha ha!
    So now I want to tell you what I did today for singing time. Since we have been singing My Heavenly Father Loves Me, all month, and in that song we sing about all of our "senses" that Heavenly Father has given us, I thought that I would be fun to bring items that the children could use their senses to guess what it is. Okay that was a seriously long sentence! I had a child come up and close their eyes and I would hand them a bag to feel (sand),or to smell(butterscotch chips), or to listen to(ticking clock), or to taste(brown sugar, which looked a lot like the sand so I had fun talking about that) and to see(coconut flakes, which some kids thought was grated Jack cheese). Of course their eyes were open to see! I had fun talking about how sometimes we need more than one of our senses to figure out what something is! Once they smelled the coconut they knew that it wasn't cheese. I asked them a riddle too: "What can you feel, but you can't see?" The wind. "What looks so soft, but you better not touch it?" A lion (Okay I made up that last one! silly!)
    So, with each item we sang a song that fit the "sense". Smell or See= Popcorn Popping, Taste= Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime (drink lemonade)Touch= I Feel My Savior's Love, Hear= Listen, Listen. You can find a lot of songs that would work well. The children really loved this and they all wanted to touch or feel or hear the things I brought. I told them that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he gave us our bodies with all of our senses, so that we would have wonderful experiences here on this beautiful world.
    This is a crazy long comment, Stacey!
    Love, Aunt Suzanne

  2. Ooh! Aunt Suzanne! I love that!! Thank you so much for sharing! You have the BEST ideas! :) THANKS!! Love you! xoxo